How YOUR action is supporting Ukrainian families

Ukraine flag

Sometimes it can be difficult searching for the positives.

We are beginning to move from living in a pandemic to living with the effects of a pandemic. The headlines around the cost of living, and the worry that will cause so many who are already facing financial difficulty, come at a time when we were hoping for better news.

And we are now faced with daily, tragic headlines around the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We watch, with horror, the impact this is having on innocent families and we pray for a peaceful resolution as quickly as possible.

But it doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing. In our very own special town, action has begun to support those victims of war.

The Matilda Rose Action Squad has become well known in Haverhill for supporting families most at need.

For the good of their local community, they supported vulnerable people during the height of the pandemic. And they have quickly regrouped to support those most in need during the current crisis with an appeal for everyday items that will be delivered to Przemyski, which borders Poland and Ukraine.

I make no apologies for once again highlighting the community spirit that is alive and well in our town. The world needs it now more than ever.

I also wanted to highlight one particular story in last week’s Haverhill Echo, one that truly captures a can-do spirit.

The ‘Walking Grandad’, aka Gordon Adams, has walked 4,400 miles in just under 13 months.

At 88 years young, Gordon is raising money for the Friends of St Mary’s Church – where he has been a bellringer since moving to Haverhill in 1958.

Not only is he a fantastic fundraiser, Gordon is also showcasing the importance of getting outside and keeping fit and healthy. He is an inspiration to us all.

These are just two examples of some of the great things that happen in Haverhill every single day.

This year, ONE Haverhill Partnership will be talking about and asking the question ‘what do you like most about Haverhill?’

As we plan our priorities for the years ahead, we want to engage with all sections of our local community – from board members to other stakeholders, our partners to our local residents.

One thing I love about Haverhill is the sense of community; the way people go above and beyond to help others in need, whether they are our neighbours or people in countries we maybe know little about. We want to help.

If you would like to talk to us about your priorities and what ONE Haverhill Partnership should focus on for the next decade, please email