Education, Training and Employment

To improve the social and economic wellbeing and social mobility for people in Haverhill through improved access to educational opportunities and employability.

What are we planning to do?

ONE Haverhill Partnership is proposing to focus attention on the following actions:

  • Reducing the number of pre-existing 16-18 NEETs and a reduction in local unemployment as well as providing safety-netting opportunities for NEET prevention.
  • Expanding and promoting post-16 and adult further, higher and vocational education.
  • Supporting parents to help their children (early years) to develop the behaviours they need to learn and improve their educational performance regardless of background
  • Work with Jobcentre Plus and providers to enable meaningful support, training and work experience for those individuals who are currently seeking work or wanting to enhance their

What outcomes do we want to see?

  • Improved educational offer in Haverhill for adults (19+) and a wider variety of training
    opportunities, including:
    – Wider variety of Leisure (engagement/taster courses)
    – Online learning
    – Accredited and Non-Accredited qualifications
    – Enhanced facilities
    – Number of adults accessing adult education increasing
  • Continued reduction in the number of young people (16-18) who are designated as NEET and their progressions into Traineeships, Apprenticeships or work.
  • Continued reduction in the number of individuals seeking work (Job Seekers – JSA) and the increase of those individuals on Universal Credit (UC) who have reduced their dependency on state benefits.


The ONE Haverhill Partnership Task Groups are set up to focus on key priorities within designated themes. Members of each task group work closely to achieve positive outcomes for the town.