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Welcome to ONE Haverhill Partnership

ONE Haverhill Partnership
is an independent strategic partnership that brings organisations and resources together to make them more effective and efficient in the town – providing ONE voice for Haverhill.

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Community Support - Coronavirus

ONE Haverhill Partnership has launched a Community Support web page in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. This page will give useful information, support and links to the various community and council initiatives.

Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan Document

Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan

The Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan creates a vision for how our town will develop, creating the jobs for the future and enabling a new chapter in the economic growth of Haverhill.

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Task Groups

The ONE Haverhill Partnership Task Groups are set up to focus on key priorities within designated themes. Members of each task group work closely to achieve positive outcomes for the town.

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Business Plan 2020-2023

The ONE Haverhill Partnership Business Plan details our key areas of work up to the year 2023. It is an evolving document to reflect any changes in priorities and task groups. 

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Board dates 2020

The final full board of ONE Haverhill Partnership in 2020 will take place on Thursday 3rd December, from 10am. Further details of this meeting will be published in due course.