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Apprenticeship Awards 2017

ONE Haverhill Partnership
is an independent strategic partnership that brings organisations and resources together to make them more effective and efficient in the town – providing ONE voice for Haverhill.

Masterplan Document

Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan

Haverhill to host The Women’s Tour

We are delighted that Haverhill has been chosen to host the start of the final stage of The Women’s Tour. We look forward to working with individuals, organisations, schools and businesses to promote our town on Saturday 13th June. 

The Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan creates a vision for how our town will develop, ensuring a transformational approach to development,
creating the jobs for the future and enabling a new chapter in the economic growth of Haverhill.

Haverhill town centre

Board dates 2020

The full board of ONE Haverhill Partnership will next meet on Thursday 12th March, from 10am at the head office of Unity Schools Partnership in Park Road.

The public and press are welcome to attend all full board meetings.

Haverhill High Street

Business Plan 2020-2023

The ONE Haverhill Partnership Business Plan details our key areas of work up to the year 2020. It is an evolving document to reflect any changes in priorities and task groups. 

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