Tell us what YOU like most about our town

Haverhill High Street - sunshine

What do you like most about Haverhill?

Whether you live in the town, work here or visit regularly, we all have our unique reasons for holding Haverhill close to our heart.

Now, ONE Haverhill Partnership would like you to share those reasons with us.

We have launched a campaign asking the simple question “What I like most about Haverhill is…”

Why have we done this?

For more than 10 years, ONE Haverhill Partnership has united individuals, groups and organisations – all working together to provide one voice for our town and to promote everything that is good about Haverhill.

With this in mind, we want this campaign to celebrate our town. The important things, the key things, the small things – everything that makes our community so special.

We know there are big issues in the town, as in any town, to solve. But that isn’t the aim of this simple question.

We just want you to join in and recognise all that is good about Haverhill.

What will we do with the findings?

We want this exercise to have real meaning and impact. ONE Haverhill Partnership sees this as the start of an extended consultation to help us formulate a new business plan. And, along the way, your positive messages about Haverhill could help us find a new town slogan!

How can I get involved?

We will be running a digital campaign where you can comment, post words and images, on our Facebook and Twitter posts or scan the QR code on the accompanying image on social media, our website and even posters around the town.

But, as rightly remarked by our board members, a digital campaign isn’t for everyone. So Haverhill Town Council, and others, will be supporting us delivering posters to various groups and individuals who might prefer a paper version.

We are acutely aware that this question might give rise to some negative comments. Many other forms of communications can be used to air concerns or suggestions of what might be improved.

So we make no apologies in saying that we only want to hear the positives.

What do I like most about Haverhill?

I would say that I’ll go first – but we have already had some great answers in the last few days.

For what it’s worth, the thing I like most about Haverhill is the sense of real community. I see it in our schools and on our streets and across all areas of the town.

It makes me very proud to work here and to lead ONE Haverhill Partnership as we look ahead to the next few years and understand how we can make a real difference.

Click here to tell us what you like most about Haverhill and our community.