About ONE Haverhill Partnership (2014)


Haverhill Community Budget Plan

Community Budget PlanIn summer 2012, ONE Haverhill Partnership carried out a large scale community engagement exercise to understand residents’ experiences with public services with our two key focus areas:

– opportunities for young people

– the physical environment of the town

This gave insight into priorities, underlying causes of dissatisfaction, views on potential solutions and an indication from local residents on their willingness to become more involved.

More than 600 surveys (1 in 45 residents) were completed using a range of methods including face-to-face interviews, an online survey, ‘videoqube’ recording sessions, interactive forum meetings, focus groups and a young people’s game delivered at a local academy.


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Survey findings

The findings revealed that residents were generally satisfied with Haverhill as a place to live, with almost three quarters expressing a high level of satisfaction. People were keen to get involved, with just over half of those surveyed saying they would get involved in local services if they felt they could improve them.

This Community Budget Plan uses that goodwill to deliver services in new ways.

Cost benefit analysis

When writing the Community Budget we made certain assumptions about the types of benefits we would achieve.
View the Cost Benefit Analysis.