September marks a time to look ahead

Women's Tour race

September always seems like a time to look ahead to the future, writes Andy Hunter, chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership.

Maybe it is 25 years working in education and all the excitement a new school year brings.

I think it is also because August is a time for many to unwind, refresh and review – even in these strange times.

For ONE Haverhill Partnership, it is certainly a time to look ahead while celebrating the past.

This September marks 10 years since the organisation was launched as a pilot for the Government’s new neighbourhood community budget programme.

It is an achievement worth acknowledging and celebrating and we are planning a series of online stories that look back on some of the key projects and people that have contributed to a successful decade.

However, the landmark anniversary also gives us an ideal opportunity to look to the future.

Currently our main areas of focus are around health and wellbeing, education, crime, our business community, volunteering and the Town Centre Masterplan.

I’m sure most would agree that these remain key themes for everyone who lives, works and visits Haverhill. The occasion of the anniversary seems a perfect opportunity to look at each of these areas in more detail and ask ourselves the overarching question, ‘how can ONE Haverhill Partnership best work together to make a real difference?’

One clear thing that came out of initial discussions with our Operations Group was that positivity has been a particular strength of the partnership.

Haverhill has a lot going for it with so many people living and working in the town who truly care about its progression.

I have seen first-hand how close our community is and I am confident we can all work together to ensure Haverhill’s future is brighter than ever.

And our present gives us many reasons to feel confident. Whether it be some fantastic town centre ‘Summer Saturday’ events organised by Haverhill Town Council or summer schools hosted by our schools, there is so much goodwill and hard work going on all around us.

And there is lots to look forward to. Not least The Women’s Tour cycle event on Saturday 9th October. Haverhill will be hosting the start of the final stage of the prestigious race – which is a real coup for our town.

It is estimated that 64% of spectators have been inspired to ride more after watching the race – and how we harness this interest and other health and wellbeing messages, post-event, is something we must all consider.

We look forward to working with our board members, partners and our community on the vision of ONE Haverhill Partnership for the next decade.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of ONE Haverhill Partnership or indeed talk to us about our vision and priorities for the future, please email us via