What is on your wish-list for 2022?

Gardening in East Town Park

If you could wish for one thing in 2022, what would it be?

Given the events of the last two years, some degree of normality is probably near the top of the list.

‘Normal’ could mean spending more time with family and friends, getting the balance between work and life right, getting that much-needed break, learning something new or simply making time for yourself.

These are all important things in any year, but maybe never more so in 2022. Everyone deserves the best possible year.

What is on my wish-list for the months ahead?

Using a key word from our organisational title, I hope ‘partnership’ will remain vital.

I don’t just mean the fantastic work achieved by key partners across the town. ONE Haverhill Partnership will continue to work with our stakeholders in local authorities, health, police, volunteering, business and many more to achieve the best for the people who live, work and visit our town.

But working together, and looking out for each other, should be something we all aspire to.

Asking if someone is ok, checking in on a neighbour, a colleague, a friend or family member can make all the difference.

We are reading more a rise in the cost of living, a mental health crisis and other critical effects of living with a pandemic.

Now more than ever, we must look out for each other and work together. That is my wish for 2022.


One of the key components of ONE Haverhill Partnership has always been health. And we were delighted to learn more about plans for a new West Suffolk Hospital and community healthcare hubs at our recent board meeting.

Access to the right healthcare facilities is crucial and it was interesting to learn that West Suffolk would need two new hospitals within the next 15 years, under the current model of care.

The new hospital will act as a “catalyst” to decide how best to provide care for all our community and ONE Haverhill Partnership welcomes any measures that keep healthcare services in the heart of our town rather than residents having to visit neighbouring towns.

The board agreed to support plans for a series of workshops run by West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust where local people, businesses and agencies would be asked their opinions.

Specifically, they would be consulted on current services in the town, what is needed in the future and what is needed to make this achievable.

We look forward to learning more about this workshops in due course.