Women’s Tour will bring huge benefits to Haverhill

Womens Tour 1

Saturday 13th June – mark it in your diary.

The last stage of the prestigious Women’s Tour cycling event is coming to Haverhill and it promises to be a fantastic showcase of all that is good about our town.

Whether you are a business, organisation, keen cyclist or a school, you can’t help but be excited about the prospect of Haverhill hosting the start of the last day.

The estimated statistics around the impact on a local economy are quite staggering.

The event has seen more than 250,000 people watch the races from Suffolk roadsides on the five occasions it has been brought to the county.

There is an obvious feelgood factor as we all unite to cheer on the cyclists as they fly past. But from a local economic point of view, The Women’s Tour also brings with it a guaranteed and huge boost with an international audience, both from the media and visitors from across the globe helping to boost tourism.

The Women’s Tour has helped generate an estimated net £5.3 million for the Suffolk economy.

To add to the prestige, many of the cyclists will be only weeks away from flying out to Tokyo and competing in the Olympics.

With a bit of planning and some creativity, there are so many ways Haverhill can benefit.

At ONE Haverhill Partnership, we will be doing all we can to promote the event and highlight the opportunities attached to it.

Though the event is on a Saturday, we hope local schoolchildren will get involved in classroom activities, get behind particular teams and cheer the cyclists on the day.

For our businesses, and given the aforementioned statistics, there are a multitude of ways to benefit from such a big event coming to our town.

In previous years, businesses in the county have decorated their shops and office fronts, created cycle-themed displays or items to sell and ran discounts and special offers during the event.

Most of all, businesses in our town need to work together to ensure they get the most out of the event.

Share ideas, join forces, do whatever it takes. Heart of Haverhill, formed from a task group of ONE Haverhill Partnership, will be working hard to promote our town centre throughout 2020, with The Women’s Tour a primary focus.

The group looks forward to working with our town centre businesses to maximise exposure and opportunity. The same applies throughout ONE Haverhill Partnership.

This is a great opportunity for our town and one we look forward to seizing with huge enthusiasm and commitment.

To find out more about ONE Haverhill Partnership, please visit http://www.onehaverhill.co.uk.